Glossary of Campus Terms

Credits- Typically associated with the number of hours a student spends in class each week

FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FYM- First-Year Mentoring

Hub- A space in the library on the main floor in the learning commons for freshmen to meet with their peer mentors, study, and hang out

MAP- Major Academic Plan

Mentored Course- A university core course with spots reserved just for first year students that pairs students with a mentor

MyBYU- Personalized BYU portal that links to everything else

MyMap- Website used to register for classes online

NSO- New Student Orientation

ROC pass- The Student All Sports pass for all BYU Sports games.

Arts Card- Discount card for first year students for Arts events. You can get this from your mentor.

Devotional- Spiritual fireside every Tuesday at 11 at the Marriott Center. All of campus is closed and speakers are usually professors and sometimes General Authorities.

netID vs Student ID number- Your netID is what you log in with (usually a combinations of letters/numbers), your student ID number is the 9 digit number on your ID card

Y group- Your group you are in at NSO. This usually consists of students all in the same class they signed up for as a mentored course. Your mentor will be there as well.

Campus Map

You can find the building acronyms on the campus map. Link here.

Parent Newsletters

The office of First Year Experience has newsletters specifically for Parents of BYU students. To see the archives and subscribe to the newsletters, go here.