What is mentoring?

First-Year Mentoring is a key part of a university-wide initiative to strengthen undergraduate education at BYU. It gives all first-year students easier access to certain high-demand University Core classes and provides all Admitted First Year students the opportunity for valuable peer mentor support.

Our mission is to lead students to greater success by encouraging learning, inspiring reflection, and building relationships through consistent and focused effort.  

What is a peer mentor?

Peer Mentor Role

As a mentor you will have the opportunity to work with students one-on-one in helping them succeed during their first year here on campus. Collaborating with faculty and TAs you will work with students in one or more mentored courses. Your job is to connect first year students to campus resources and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. Mentors also reflect frequently on their abilities to determine how they can improve and further help students.

The best mentors are students who have:

  • Demonstrated high academic achievement and a love of learning in a variety of GE classes

  • Worked cooperatively in a team or group setting

  • Shown interest and genuine care for other students, particularly freshmen

  • A broad knowledge of campus resources

  • Strong self-discipline and can effectively balance their time

  • Exhibited confidence and optimism in the face of challenges