What is mentoring?

BYU’s First-Year Mentoring is a program designed to make the transition into college as smooth as possible. Each first-year student is assigned an upperclassman who is there to answer questions and guide the new student through his or her first year. Students will meet with their mentors throughout the semester to talk about anything from study tips to study abroad programs offered by BYU. Students sign up for mentored courses to get access to reserved spots in high demand classes and to be assigned to a mentor.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an upperclassman who has been successful in his or her time at BYU. Mentors are available to first-year students to ensure their success in all their endeavors at BYU. Mentors are available to answer questions first-year students might have, such as:

  • Which classes should I take next semester?

  • How many credits should I have?

  • Where can I spend my meal plan money?

  • Is there someone who can edit my paper?

  • How can I get along better with my roommate?

  • Where do I take tests?

  • How can I sign up for a study abroad program?

  • Where is a quiet place for me to study?

  • How can I be effective in group study?

  • Where can I live in my second year?

  • Where are fun weekend activities around Provo?

  • How much should I study for my exam?

Mentors are here to provide the help students need to succeed at BYU.

What is a mentored course?

A mentored course is a typical college course that has spots reserved just for freshmen. It’s the same as any other course, except that only freshmen can register for this class. Through registering for a mentored course, each student will be assigned a mentor.

How can I register if my child is on a mission?

If your child is on a mission, you hopefully have guest access to their accounts. This was part of the mission deferment process.

How do I register?

A student may register for a mentored course by clicking on the “Mentored Course” button in myMAP on the Register tab under the given semester. In the new tab, the drop down menus may be used to select “Mentoring” and the class the student wishes to take.